Focus on transaction-oriented advisory

Simeon International is an independent Equity, Asset, Research and Consulting group involved in numerous industries focusing mainly on Real Estate and Alternative Energy transactions.

The Senior Partners and Global Affiliates of Simeon International are experts in the international world of finance, since they are actively experiencing and shaping it themselves. Their expertise is both from the perspective of operating entrepreneurs, as well as from the perspective of investors and practical experienced Transaction experts.


Global Strategic- and Investors Consultancy

Simeon International is a group of private, international and highly experienced entrepreneurs, who are active with investments and capital market transactions in a variety of segments. Therefore all partners contribute to the group there knowledge of diversified sophisticated Investments- and Finance strategies and there high profiled networks of global Co-Investors.

Therefore Simeon International is a very uncommon consulting and transaction company, since they act themselves as a mediator between the presented group of investors, other co-investors and the selected investments in the form of acquired assets and targeted companies.

This produces an extraordinary flexibility. Especially in the transaction phase, whereby financial resources are necessary, Simeon International can involve there preselected investors at a very early stage of the transaction and also Simeon International participates in interesting projects themselves.